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We Are A Specialists in Artisan Bread!

Hamburger buns Brioche buns

Experienced baker, David Cabrales

The best tasting bread comes from an experienced baker like David Cabrales at Esmeralda's French Bakery.


Don't miss out on whole wheat or brioche buns!

About Esmeralda's French Bakery

  • Established in April 2010

  • Delicious breads baked daily

  • Start baking at night, so you have fresh bread in the morning

  • Located in the Dallas, TX area

  • Serve restaurants, grocery stores, gourmet shops, and catering businesses

Fresh bread daily

We provide FREE delivery to our customers. You get your fresh bread daily!

Our buns include:

  • Whole wheat

  • Brioche buns

  • Challah buns

We are specialists in Artisan bread.

We take orders by phone and also online.


Please go to our Contact page to make an online order today !